ABB Flexbuffer

The perfect solution for fast, flexible and efficient order handling

A change in customer needs and an exponential growth in online sales, have led companies today to require smarter solutions to handle their items in a more flexible manner.

To date, most existing systems designed for complex goods handling are large conventional installations more suited for mass storage rather than sequential collection. These systems typically require a large investment and take a long time to install and commission. 

ABB FlexBuffer™ answers all the challenges faced by most retail and consumer product companies today. Using a robot positioned centrally, goods can be selected and moved from one location to another using the storage racks provided.

Strong features


Extremely flexible system capable of handling a wide variety of items such as crates, bins, packages, boxes, etc.


Easy and quick to configure, deploy and maintain thanks to advanced software.


Multifunctional system suitable for numerous applications such as sequencing, buffering, storage and order consolidation.


High throughput of up to 500 cycles/hour.

Ultimate flexibility thanks to configurable software

The ABB FlexBuffer™ offers users ultimate flexibility thanks to its configurable software, which can be easily connected to an existing WMS or ERP system.

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Increasing output and optimising flexibility

The ABB FlexBuffer™ solves the existing problems of large conventional systems struggling with inflexible output capacity. The ABB FlexBuffer™ enables smaller batch sizes as well as more mixed pallets and customer orders, improving flexibility.

Storage and retrieval

With its advanced software, the ABB FlexBuffer™ ensures fast, efficient storage and collection of goods. The storage of goods in transport modules enable automated storage, order picking, packing and palletising.


By using especially set “sequences”, delivery times of goods can be more easily guaranteed but also custom orders can be more easily created taking into account the right product weights, temperatures or other product characteristics.


The ABB FlexBuffer™ can help companies make use of an Order Consolidation Buffer (OCB), allowing goods to be temporarily stored before further processing.

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