Deploying robots in your automation process

By choosing robotics within your company, you are opting for increased and more effective production quality at a low cost. Robots are used in production lines or machines where flexibility, speed and compact dimensions are key.

Robotics provides system integration, enabling you to translate your requirements into operations that robots can perform for you. The great advantage of robotics is that it effectively performs work in applications with repetitive operations, with high accuracy and short production times. Handling your goods using robotics is space-saving, offers greater flexibility and frees human workers from monotonous tasks so they can focus on more important work. We develop robotics solutions for any application you require.

Robotics applications

FT Group is available to provide support for companies that are converting or improving automation systems. We can also install new systems, perform maintenance on existing ones, or offer advice on how to automate certain processes.

With the economy growing, businesses need to find more effective ways to produce their products. FT Group helps businesses connect with existing or new machines so that your entire shop floor can be more efficient and accurate. We use the latest components and technologies to ensure that your end product is always the best business solution.

Quality first

FT Group’s robots feature top-of-the-line components, which ensure smooth running. Using the latest technologies, FT Group is able to tackle any robotics challenge.